Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Juice Organics

Juice Organics is a new drugstore line created by Juice Beauty (a higher end line selling at Sephora@Ion), that can now be found in Watsons.

I am longing to try the serum from Juice Organics right now. Reason being my current dead sea mineral serum (which I do like), is probably going to finish in 1 month (only lasts 2 months, and so expensive).

Juice Organics, picture courtesy of Juice Organics website.

The part that really attracts me is the cheap price for certified organic products. Organic is good if it is affordable. =)

Do check it out here if your skincare is running also. =)


The next news is more of something that I have learned to do over the week. I credit this to chiaberry of Cozycot, who is very well-informed on anything to do with sunscreen.

The TIP!

Layer your sunscreen if it is too thick to apply all 1/4 teaspoon/1.5ml at one go.

Layering means to apply say 1/8 teaspoon at a time. Which is what I do. So I basically apply sunscreen two times. Each time, I will massage the sunscreen gently until it feels drier, then I will pat and pat it in. There is no need to wait 20 minutes for each layer to fully dry before putting on the other.

But this procedure actually lengthens my skincare time by another 10-15 minutes, as I really spend time massaging it in.

I think this layering + patting in is working very well for me so far, since I am using Eversoft Intensive Moisturizing and Whitening SPF 50 sunscreen. Cos after doing this, I feel that my skin is getting fairer by the day. This is the only whitening product I have, so I attribute the fairness to Eversoft. =))) Still in deeply in love with this sunscreen.



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