Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mentholatum SPF15 Sunscreen + Moisturizer

I am very sorry that I cannot provide the pictures for the Acnes range right now, as there isn't a proper Acnes website, and I haven't taken photos, since the products are not my house.

If it would help, here is the Mentholatum Acnes sub-website: Click to view.

Mentholatum SPF15 Sunscreen + Moisturizer

Available: Watsons, Guardian


Star Properties:

Pretty strange packaging for a moisturizer. Normally bottles in this shape contain very fluid sunscreen, like Biore, or Sunplay.

It felt strange when I squeeze out from the bottle an opaque but non-fluid cream, that is quite watery.

Considering the gel-like texture of this sunscreen moisturizer, I think it would be difficult to squeeze out the last bit of it! LOL. I really don't understand why the dispense mechanism was designed this way.

A tube or tub would be more appropriate.

Surface Finish
Pretty okay. This is not a WOW! product for me. If I were forced to use it, I will just use. But I think there are better choices for me out there.

Sensitive Skin
I had no problems with this cream at all, despite slapping 1/4 teaspoonful of it, to get the maximum SPF15 effect.

I love it: 2.5 hearts.

If I am not wrong, this won the Cleo Beauty Awards. Cos my SO was choosing between this and Mentholatum Charcoal range's Soybean Moisturizer. Moreover, the soybean moisturizer is cheaper, and he still chose Acnes. Must be because of the award.

Overall, I think if I were still in my teens, going through puberty and have severe acne problem, I would appreciate Acnes range much, much more. As compared to now, I only like the Medicated Sealing Jel.

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