Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Lovin It!

Yes, that's the tagline of MacDonald. I'm Lovin It. Lol. I really like starting to like McCafe so much nowadays, as they serve high quality stuff at a much cheaper price than I can find anywhere else. (Especially Starbucks.) It is no wonder that the emergence of McCafe killed at least half of Starbuck outlets in US.

It is reported that in the US, Starbuck outlets used to dot the streets, with 2 to 3 within one street. That's recipe for money loss, IMO. When economy is good, sure can earn. But once economy turns slightly bad, the company is going to have difficulty staying afloat, as the overheads will suddenly become more than the profits, resulting in negative turnover.

Okay, enough of lessons on the economy from me. I am not even qualified to say anything. LOL. Just reiterating the things I pick up over the years from all sorts of reports.

Yup, anyway, so what is it that I like about McCafe?

1. Definitely the drinks and food. I love the Mango Smoothie, and the Himalayan Tea Frappe is WOW! So special too. Both are $5.10. But Mango Smoothie can be bought in a smaller size at $4.30 I think.

2. The cheesecake! OMG! The cheesecake is absolutely fabulous for just $3+. I have eaten the famous, and arguably best in Singapore Hilton Hotel cheesecake before, and I say, McCafe's one is sooooooo close to Hilton Hotel! Very dense, and heavier in taste, towards the saltier side.

And I recently tried the Secret Recipe Award Winning Marble Cheesecake. It's like *EEEEK*. Want to vomit. I don't understand how that marble cheesecake won cooking award. So hard, so dry, not much taste. Eat one mouthful, don't feel like taking another.

Whereas for McCafe, I keep feel like eating and eating another bite.

3. Ambience, and convenience wins me over. =) I think McD is a very smart enterprise.

Must try McCafe cheesecake, Mango Smoothie and Himalayan Tea Frappe if you haven't, okay! hahaha. =)



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