Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mentholatum Acnes Toner

Mentholatum Acnes Toner

Available: Watsons, Guardian, quite cheap


Star Properties: It has powder that will dry off the excess oil on your face.

This is the usual toner bottle with the holed cap, so you just have to turn it over to dispense. I am fine with it, as I am already used to pouring out toner. I don't use cotton pads nowadays though. Just pour 3 drops on my palm.

But I understand that some people would prefer to have it in a spray bottle, as this saves on the volume used each time.

My favourite is the still a pump bottle though, like TFS Eco-Vert Toner.

This is a powder-water bi-phase toner, which means you have to shake before use. Honestly, I don't like bi-phase stuff. To me, it's very troublesome. Plus I am particular about how I shake. Cannot be too vigorous, as this will cause bubbles in my products.

I will overturn it, wait patiently for the particles or oil slowly mix with the water. Then overturn, and overturn again. Swirl gently in between too. This is time-consuming.

Surface Finish
This toner is very drying, as it contains alcohol. Definitely only recommended for people with oily skin. My SO, who is the main user of this product, says it is mattifying, and controls oil on his face, lasting a whole day.

I personally stay away from alcohol products.

Sensitive Skin
It is okay for me. Despite the dryness, nothing happened to me.

I love it: -
I can't exactly rate this, as it is not for my skin in the first place. So I hope the description in this review may help you to judge the product by yourself.

Just want to say that it's kind of so far so good that Acnes range of Mentholatum really does help those with more serious acne problems. Haven't read serious complains before... ...

If anyone has used some Acnes products before, feel free to post your thoughts. =) Heard that the cleanser is not too bad...

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