Thursday, September 24, 2009

Metholatum For Men Charcoal Cooling Facial Wash

Metholatum For Men Charcoal Cooling Facial Wash
Available: Watsons, Guardian, very affordable.


Star Properties: Has unique charcoal formulation to help control oil in male skin.

I think this is my all-time favourite packaging so far. It still sounds quite impossible to me now, that a men's range packaging actually wins all the beautiful, colourful, wonderful bottles of women skincare bottles.

This Charcoal Cooling Facial Wash comes in a diesel-like water bottle shaped pump bottle. Which is so easy to dispense, so easy to hold in my hands (it's quite tiny), so cute to pump out.

I definitely prefer this form to those tubes that even expensive women brands come in.

The Liquid
Oh, it's such a very beautiful, shiny shade of silver. I am quite sure that's artificial colour. But I am alright as long as my skin doesn't reacts to it.

The liquid flows very well, feels very smooth when I glide it along my face. And it is absolutely non-foamy at all! That's what I love about it. I hate cleansers that foam. LOL. A lot of even expensive brands have cleansers that foams.

Foaming is not definitely a good thing. As they just add more surfactants to your product. Surfactants do not have any direct skincare benefits. They are merely added to give you the psychological illusion that the cleanser is doing its job, and the more foam, the cleaner your skin is. No, it does not, and this is a myth.

Surface Finish
Much as charcoal is supposed to dry out the excess oil, and supposedly more suitable for oily skin, I am so happy that this face wash does not dry me out till my face is squeaky.

I really like it so much compared to something like Kiehl's Centalla Facial Wash (I have ditched Kiehl's already).

This is probably due to the low amount of active carbon too. The amount of charcoal is Daiso Charcoal Cleanser is so much more, according to the ingredients list.

Maybe that's why I can use this. I know it's men's skincare. haha. But it's more or less the same. Of course, I wouldn't purposely choose this over my other products choices. But I am just using it for the sake of writing this review. If I were a guy, Yes, I would choose it. But I am a girl, haha, so no, I already have my HG cleanser.

Sensitive Skin
No problem at all. So surprised. I think I am only sensitive to strong potions and oily formulas. So I guess, this cleanser is non-oily, and non-drying, not too potent too. My SO is also loving it.

Really affordable. I wish female skincare products could be this cheap. Expensive is not definitely better. It's just part of marketing, prices must be tweeked to appeal to different target groups. e.g. Tai-tais wouldn't want to buy LV if LV is not 4 digits and above.

I love it: 5 hearts

No complains about this. =)))

Oh, and the sub-website for Mentholatum For Men is much clearer. Click HERE to view.

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