Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Essential Damage Care

Essential Damage Care is the new hair care range to try on the market. With its bright sweet pink and radiant lovely orange, it shouts "Sassy Kawaii" to all the girls who love their hair out there. =)

Both ranges of Nuance Airy in Pink, and Rich Premier in Orange, promises to care for even the last 15cm of your hair. And true enough to its words, I found my hair un-frizzed and detangled all the way to the end.

Presenting my latest rave together with a mini competition vs Asience Deep Nourishing Range (Gold):
Essential Damage Care in Nuance Airy (Pink)

Available: Watsons, Guardian, NTUC, Shop&Save, $3.95 at many places for 200ml, $9.95 for 500ml

Volume: 200ml, and 500ml

Star Properties: *1 Protection ingredients: honey and whey (milk) of very high purity
*2 Repair ingredient: lanolin fatty acid

Essential Damage Care in Nuance Airy, picture courtesy of Kao Essential website.

The design for the 200ml pour out bottle is simple amazing. It fits *clicks* right into my palm. Staying there so beautifully and will not slip like many other shampoo/conditioner bottles.

All of them, the shampoo, conditioner and treatment, smells wonderfully of sweet fruits, yet not overwhelming.

This is the first time my SO commented that my hair is fragrant after knowing him for so long. Previously, I have been using L'oreal and Asience, which are not known to leave any smell on the hair.

All of them artificially coloured to be beautifully pink, exactly the same as the bottles of course.

It is definitely not as smooth nor easy to rub in as Asience. I had to take more to shampoo the whole length of my hair.

1. Ultra duper volumizing! I didn't expect the results to be so good, and as promised. Can you imagine my eyes wide open when I saw how "popped" up my hair suddenly became, when I sat down in front of the mirror for the first time? My hair has grown so limp from the number of rebonds I did. It always lies flat on my head like forever already. Nuance Airy actually made the silhouette of my head wider by 2 inches around!! 2. Totally detangled! Even with Asience Deep Nourishing, I always found the inner portion of my hair to remain frizzy, and thus easy to tangle/tangled. I think Essential Damage Care straightens out my hair so well that all the knotty problems at the hair ends are solved. As promised, it delivers care all the way to even the last 15cm of your hair.

3. Not soft and smooth. Maybe it is because the pink range only promises light and volume, it just doesn't makes my hair as soft and smooth as Asience does. With Asience, my hair has the super velvety soft feel and shine, like in many advertisements. But not with Nuance Airy.

Nuance Airy treatment works. It does makes my hair softer, smoother and straighter than if I do not use treatment. But it is not as "dream-come-true" as Asience. Asience Treatment can keep my hair in the same soft, smooth and shiny state for two days. Which is the longest lasting I can find so far. Dove, Silkpro, L'oreal all doesn't works that well.

What I like about Essential is that it gives damaged hair volume. It's like a 2-in-1 actually. Because none of the other brands can repair damaged hair and give volume at the same time. They only offer a range for damaged hair, and a separate range for volumization.

Overall, I would recommend Essential if you looking for
- care for the last 15 cm
- detanglement
- straightening
- anti-frizz
- volumizing.

But I would still vouch for Asience if you looking for
- soft like flowing water and piece of silk
- smooth
- lasting softening and smoothening effects.

And definitely still recommend Asience Treatment over Essential's.

As for personal preference, I still like Asience, and I would still stick to Asience despite the $3 more price.

I love this: 4.5 hearts

VERY value for money!!!
It delivers the promised quality as written in description despite its lower pricing strategy.

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