Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giovanna Ballet Flats

Giovanna is one of my favourite local shoe brands. I find their designs stylish enough, and their shoes comfortable, and affordable, though they are not the dirt cheap kind.

I believe a lot of us Singaporeans will know that Mondo is the really cheap one. And DMK is also very affordably priced, though DMK seems to lack in the style factor.

In this post, I just want to share my latest loot: Giovanna Ballet Flats Gold, with checkered prints.

Giovanna Ballet Flats Gold, with checkered prints.

I think the Gold buckle suits my skin. There is the black and silver one too.

And I really, really like checkered pattern. Can imagine how much I love Burberry. hahahahaha.

Got it at one the outlet's closing down sale, so it's only $15. Wouldn't have bought it at the normal price, as I feel that flats are just not worth anything more than $20, unless it's really high end branded.

So far so good. =) The sides are made of cloth, not leather or plastic, so it doesn't cuts. I just love the softness of cloth.

The only drawback is that the soles do not grip very well, so there were instances when I almost slipped.

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