Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best Buy Contact Lenses

I have always been buying my contact lens, of the brand Puriyves, from the optician under my block. And their pricing is quite reasonable, at $70 for 6 months wear.

It was actually $60 when I first bought it. The price was increased the last time I purchased. And because of this, I became less satisfied with my lenses, as many customers would if the price of their daily use items increase.

My PuriYves Monthly Disposables. I doubt many would have seen this before.

In addition, the curvature and width of Puriyves are also not an exact fit for my eyes. I can feel that because I tend to feel the lines of the contact lens while wearing. I didn't know I was wearing something not of perfect fit, as I had no means of comparison until I met my current lens brand.

Note: Puriyves is actually very moist. And I have no problems at all wearing them for longer hours.

As such, I was on the lookout for cheaper contact lenses since that 6 months ago.


Very, very fortunately, just as I was about to go back to my optician to repurchase Puriyves, I stumble across this website advertised on Facebook, Wee-Mart.

Wee-Mart's webpage.

(LOL. I really love Facebook these days because of the advertisements! I can't believe it. Cos I hate advertisements. But those on Facebook are not only catered to the needs of online youth population, but also non-invasive yet easily visible and eye-catching enough. So it means, if I want, I can click on it. If I think it's rubbish, I can simply ignore it. Heavenly for consumers.)

And I am very thankful to it for giving me wonderful new contact lenses.
I chose Baush & Lomb Soflens 38, at only $56 for 6 months.

And I am so loving it now. The people are right! Bausch & Lomb isn't famous for nothing. And Soflens isn't named soft for nothing!

Bausch & Lomb SofLens 38

The curvature and width fits my eyes so much more. And I feel so comfortable in them. In fact, I don't even feel it, at all!

Plus, it is indeed thinner in the middle so that my eyes can breathe, and thicker at the sides for hold, and strength. This makes the right side and wrong side shape much more distinguishable. Previously, I always got lost trying to figure out if I've got Puriyves the right way or not.
$70 for a very, very normal pair of lenses, and $56 for a real quality pair of lenses, which would you choose?


It also helps that Wee-Mart offers meet-up, cash on delivery services for first time customers, for those people who are scared that this is a cheat website.

I am one of those people, and I am glad I chose the meet-up, because then, I got to know the boss, and that he is a nice guy. And I could see his sincerity, and desire to keep this business going for long term.

Plus, I am quite glad to know that he has so many, many, many other customers besides me when I saw his other goods on the day we met. Because this means that a lot of Facebook users from Singapore have also ordered from Wee-Mart. And this sets my mind more at peace, that I will not be cheated.

So if you are living in Singapore, and want trustable and quick receipt of good quality contact lenses at very low prices, do order from Wee-Mart. =)

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