Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

This is so late right? I have been so busy and fell very sick with blocked nose, runny nose, headache, body aches, and very mild fever over the weekend. Still trying to recover now, having cough and sore throat. And still will be busy with school... ... Just finished a test yesterday. Yep, I had to study despite feeling so sick.

So, Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

I don't usually celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, although I eat mooncakes every year. But this year, my SO happened to have two tickets to a concert on Saturday itself. So we went for it of course. =)

The faces below are pretty recognizable right? For people who listen to Mandarin songs. They are Zheng Zhong Ji and Su Yong Kang, from Hong Kong.

The opening screen, took while I was waiting for the concert to begin.

This is my first time going to a concert. I have been to several dramas, but not a music concert. The ticket says 730pm, but we had to wait till 8pm before it began.

I actually didn't understand 80% of what went on, as I totally don't know Cantonese. I didn't understand the songs, the speeches, and the jokes. To me, all those were just some sounds, which are more strange to me than Japanese.

So I guess, if you don't understand the language, and don't really like the singers, better not go to something foreign. hahaha.

I think I had a good time scrutinising their clothes, skin, build and all. hahaha. Both have really smooth skin! Or maybe it's powder? But I don't think so ehz.

Both really keep fit. Quite old already still have very good figures.

Yup, I guess that's all. Hope you all have eaten enough mooncakes, eaten very delicious ones (like I did), and enjoyed your Mid-Autumn Festival. =)



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