Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things Can Crank Up

I am really quite frustrated right now about my latest online purchase - MBD masks from Sunnanz.

Don't get me wrong. Asides from slightly late post out of my items, I don't think it's their fault. It should be the postman.

I ordered boxes of MBD masks from Sunnanz on Monday night, made the payment and filled out the paid form. And I am supposed to receive confirmation of my payment after that. Sad to say, I didn't.
However, I was pretty confident that Sunnanz will deliver my items no matter what, so I didn't do anything.

But until yesterday, which is the Monday 1 week after I placed my order, I still have not received my registered parcel.

Thanks to the help of some forumers, I emailed Sunnanz about it, and the in-charge actually called/sms me about my items.

Apparently, Singpost has sent it out on Friday, 09/10/09. But on my side, how could that be??? Since I did not receive the failed delivery notification card that would direct me to collect it.
I am not happy with the postman. Because this way, I would be waiting forever for my items had I not checked. Moreover, I wouldn't know where my parcel is if I don't take all the trouble to ask Sunnanz for the article number, and then go to Singpost website to check it, and request a redelivery.
All these troubles when I thought online purchase should actually be comfortable, pay, sit down, wait, and receive your items.


Many forumers say they would receive within 2 days of order. But mine? Being a first time customer, Sunnanz only allowed it to reach my doorstep on Friday when I ordered on Monday. 4 days. Double of what others get. Really bad impression right now, even though the missed delivery isn't their fault.

I saw some websites that sell the masks at $1.20 instead of $1.30 by Sunnanz. What am I paying that extra $0.10 per piece for if they don't provide better service and assurance? Furthermore, their tagline is "The Right Choice". What an irony.

Sorry Sunnanz. Try harder next time. I am most likely transferring my orders for MBD masks to other sites. No doubts, they have other things on the site too, which is still worth looking at.

My Sunnanz, MBD loot!

EDITED: Hi girls, haha. By the way, I went down to the post office personally to retrieve my package. 4 types of masks here. All the limited edition ones.

The much loved chocolate that was out of stock, for whitening, brightening and firming.
The also popular Japanese Cherry Blossoms, for brightening, soothing, and regenerating.
Strawberry, for brightening, improving fine lines, and oil control.
Mixed berries, for brightening and firming.

Looks like all are good for my skin! The other time, I bought Apple for my SO, which is more for acne skin. So I didn't use at all.

I will try and review them asap! =)))

PS: Bought 10 of each, will last me a long, long time.

Shi Wei from Sunnanz told me they sent out my items promptly on the 7th. Haiz. But I don't know. Not sure what to think. I don't want to malign Sunnanz, so I am posting this part to say that I may be wrong about what I posted earlier on.

I guess, perhaps, yes, they do deserve a second chance. Since Shi Wei did tried to call me 2 times, and then sms me when they receive my query email. For this, I am very happy. Yup. So a second chance it is. I hope things don't crank up again. =)))



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