Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo

Time for raves again! After that mini-rant against TBS all natural image, here is something for it. =)

The Body Shop Honey Moisturizing Shampoo

Available: TBS outlets @ $16.90


Star Properties:
For Dry/Damaged/Chemically Treated Hair.
A rich, creamy, moisturising and gently cleansing shampoo that leaves the hair softer, more manageable and healthy-looking. With regular use it will help improve the condition of the hair over time. (Copied from TBS website.)

TBS Honey Moisturizing Shampoo, picture courtesy of TBS website.

Ok, I think we are all too familiar with TBS bottles. hahaha. All I can say is that the suction power is there, despite the way it looks like a toner bottle and everything will flow out without control. It doesn't. Coupled with the viscosity of the shampoo, one definitely has control over how much you want to squeeze out.

Very unfortunately, I find that this shampoo totally doesn't spreads. I squeezed out equal volume as I use from 1 pump of shampoos like Essential/Asience. But ended up, it wasn't enough, and I had to squeeze out another 2 more times that same amount!

So given the small 250ml volume, I think if I use it everyday, I am gonna finish it in a break neck speed of 1 bottle a month!

$16.90 for one month vs $16.90 (for Asience) for 6 months. *faints*

Shampooing Feel
To be honest, I hate this shampoo when I am using it. Unlike other shampoos, this one doesn't gives the immediate smooth feel effect. There was just no way I could glide my hands and comb my hair while shampooing. Very irritating.

The Ultimate Surface Finish After Hair Dries
Superb! I don't know if it's because I couple this with Essential's Orange Hair Treatment as conditioner (since I didn't buy the TBS conditioner), but wow wow! I can feel my hair ultra soft, untangled, straight and smooth throughout 2 days.

And guess what? I couldn't bring myself to wash my hair the next day. Cos I am so scared of losing that silky hair feel.

I really think that the softness is comparable, and maybe even slightly better than Asience shampoo and conditioner. It's definitely better than both Essential Pink and Orange Conditioner.

Just a shampoo alone can make so much difference? I am amazed with TBS Honey Shampoo.

My Skepticism
Yes, I was very skeptical about TBS Honey Shampoo, cos if you ask me, NO, Honey doesn't works for hair.

I have used the full range of L'oreal Elseve Royal Jelly for dry, damaged hair, but none of it works. Not even the night leave-on and day cream. (Maybe I was using a wrong range that's why. But I can swear by L'oreal Elseve Anti-frizz range.)

As for Essential which claims to use high purity honey, I am satisfied for the price. I like the pink conditioner for its volumizing and detangling properties. But the Orange range doesn't seems to work at all. Only the Orange Treatment is quite good.

Yep, so I love it: 5 hearts!
That's if you can afford $16.90 a month for shampoo. I got it cheaper at the atrium sale to try. So probably not buying again.

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