Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Power Nap

I have been sleeping earlier than my normal routine for this past week, as my special someone looks after me quite strictly. haha. But I like it =PP So in this post, I would like to share what I know about good sleep.
Firstly, it's the Power Nap!! It's very amazing! Just a short 20 minutes, but you feel energized like never before. I read on Mind Your Body, that a good power nap is better than countless times of tea break, for the average working person. Actually, it's that simple. Just set the alarm, tell your body to wake up 20 minutes later, close your eyes and sleep. Just don't care about your boss and sleep. hahaha.
trust me, it works. I use it on my since O' levels.
Just to share my A' level study routine with those who are interested.
3 weeks.
4 subjects (triple science, maths and GP)
12 chapters per subject.
4 chapters a day for each subject.
1 hour per chapter (45 min to read through the notes, 15 min power nap)
= 3 days each for my 3 sciences, study from 1pm to 5pm
after that is dinner then watch tv.
on tue, wed, thur.
sat sun, i go through GP. I didn't touch math until the morning itself.
the other free time, i do past year paper, revision exercises, especially on chapters i find particularly difficult.
result: 4As, GP B3
It's far far far far away from stellar, but it's good enough to get into a course of my choice in uni.
Such is the power of power nap that you just have to really focus, no computer, no ipod, nothing. and the 45 min per chapter will ensure you can drill into your memory over 80% of stuff.
For me, I feel is 95%++. I remember right to the very word used (which is very important for biology, and keywords for chemistry)

Another study tip: remember notes pictorially, never line by line or word for word. It doesn't works, it's too much for your brain. I "take" photos of each page of the notes, so that I classify information by - it's roughly at the bottom of the page. then i will recall that "photo", scroll down in my mind to the bottom of the page, look at it and copy onto the paper what i see in my memory. The same goes for lectures. I "video record" lectures and tutorials. Link particular particular part of the what is being said to the action the lecturer is doing right then, and you will remember the key points.

haha, i Have side-tracked quite a lot.
back to topic.

I need at least 10 hours of sleep to feel fully revitalised. It's different for different people. Just measure the time you need to sleep until you automatically wake up, and don't feel like lai4 chuang2.
It's very important for beauty purposes. I have been sleeping after 12 since pri sch, so I have dark rings around my eyes. I am trying to reduce it now... please don't learn my bad habit.

All the best, and rest well! =)

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Friday, August 08, 2008


I really must put up my pics for this. Guess what my weight is last time?

haha, below is what I did to slim down:

1. Be disciplined.
2. Have a goal/dream in mind for motivation.
3. Strictly no snacks. Fruits and vegetables are ok. But in my opinion, I don't snack because I want to kick the HABIT of munching between meals. So nothing, strictly nothing but 2/3 meals.
4. Eat only half portion for all meals, including breakfast. (unless your breakfast is already very little, like 2 pieces of bread ok.)
5. No fatty/oily food. Steam, boiled etc.
6. Strictly NO SUGAR. Not even teh ni. No can drinks, fizzy drinks. Nothing but plain water.
7. Exercise at least 2 times a week. Exercise = repeatedly doing the same work with the same big muscle consecutively for 20 min. Jogging is the fastest. Think PE...
8. What Mind Your Body says... : eat carbo (half portion) (rice, potato, bread, biscuit etc) when your tummy growls. You brain is craving for carbo. Eat to get the full feeling, so you wouldn't eat some more. No point eating all chicken, egg, fruit, salad... I can vouch for this. Eating yoghurt etc doesnt makes you full. End up you will eat even more calories then you plan to.

*caution* the part that you treasure most - your breast will down size around half also. I don't know how to keep that. Anyone knows please comment. =) thanks =)

*note* do run, cos the fats in the thighs are hard to shed. you don't want to have unproportionate body.

remember -> slimming is about being disciplined, discipline is about repeatedly doing the small little things that you HATE most part of your life.
Always remember -> beauty queen said before, her favourite food is chocolate, but she has not eaten it for 5 years.

- thin not equal beautiful
- if what you want is beauty, aim for figure and proportion, think Lumimi
- in my opinion, no breast and butt is not nice.
- whatever I wrote above comes from my personal experience along with knowledge from some readings. It may at most serve as a guide, not "bible".

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Hi, I am Joanne, currently doing Industrial Attachment for my 3rd Year Materials Science & Engineering course at NTU.

A certain group of friends have been calling me Auntie for 1 year plus. And I think the reason is mainly because I am a sup-until-all-the-lobang-finish queen. Genting trip, Taichung trip, Jakarta, loots from facial aunty, and my stunning shopping pattern... Also, I carry around a Doraemon bag, and I act and give very mummy advice.

I will start of with a few small tips for looking good.

1. If you don't have really slim thighs, like I do, wear your skirt at about 1 to 1.5 plams away from your knee caps. It flatters your legs better. Look out for this when you are purchasing dresses/skirts online too.=) [I don't have long legs, so I avoid wearing knee length or longer clothes too. That means my dress/skirt length is actually very limited]

2. Bundle up long hair if it gets messy (then nobody will know. hehe) I do this halfway through the day, as my rebond has worn out, and my hair curls and gets messy in the dry air-con room. (Or else I get friends telling me my hair is messy!)

3. Put your bottle of water besides the PC if you have a desk job like mine. Only then you will remember to reach for it frequently. (I am a water bucket, so I finish a bottle in an hour.)

4. The contrary holds! Never ever put junk food by your desk. Over-eating unhealthy food tends to makes your skin oily, and foster pimple growth. It builts up the tummy, and fats around the body too.

Signing off... ...! Will update whenever I think of or come across something.

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