Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another day of Snow (Xiaxue)

Before I hit the pillows yesterday night, I realized I have to wake up at 9AM today!!! That means that I had only 6 hours, no, 5hours of sleep yesterday.

I wanted to rent a car for this New Year weekend, to fetch my SO to and fro work, and for our chalet and morning tea. But the lady said there is probably only a 7-sitter. So I guess, it's just too bad for us.

By the way, peeps, my SO found a cheaper car rental site for me:
As Low As $45/day Car Rental

Previously, I rented from a shop at Aljunied. But honestly, I don't like the service there. They seem to have some sort of attitude problem. It's like they own the cars, so they are very stuck up. I am thinking: C'mon, we are the ones with the money and pay you for the cars. People who cannot afford it don't rent cars, right??? (Unless you'd rather eat grass every meal). They play the game as if we have no $$$. For example, my friend who own a BMW has his car at the garage, so he rents a car... who says we people who rent have no $$$.

Although they rent to p-plate holders, and probably the cheapest in Singapore, I am never going to go back to them.

I have my contacts, and I can rent cars at the same price from another firm. PLUS, now I found this new website. Think I am going to try their service some day.

I would really like to post about my Christmas loots =))) I already have the photo ready - 1 big picture capturing ALL my prezzies from my SO over the entire Christmas week. Thank you lots! I have a present for you today too.

And probably on my next next post, will be my experience with the epilator. So sorry, I know I promised this review long time ago.

Also, I don't think I'll be posting over New Year. Going to a bbq cum chalet for countdown later. More pictures!!! weet!

Should I change my blog skin? But I like this theme, because it makes every post looks like part of a Grandmother-pass-down secret recipe to life and beauty... haha.
(okay, I know, I sound so confused. There are so many thought flowing through my mind right now.)


Monday, December 29, 2008

Coffee & Toast

I was so hungry today that I tried Coffee & Toast.
Went to collect the Sasha Bear that my love won from OCBC, at Suntec.
I woke up so late, I just skipped lunch, prepared myself, and left home.
I've always thought that eating toast and tea outside of home is totally not worth it.
But today, I was alone, and I don't want to eat good food alone, also lazy to find a foodcourt, so I just thought, buy some bread from BreadTalk, and that's my lunch. But then, BreadTalk got no seats, then along the way to MRT from citylink mall, I saw
Coffee & Toast! Looks good as there were lots of people. So I sat down to try. Luckily there was one last table for me. hehehe.
4.5 stars =)))
The half boiled egg is cooked hard enough, yet the yolk still flows. Definitely better than what I can do at home. Normally half boiled eggs sold outside are too uncooked.
The croissant toast ham & cheese is so nice. How do they melt the cheese so nicely???
Plus the tea, is not 3 in 1.
Egg and tea are immediate serving. And just when I finish the egg, they serve the bread to my table. The tea is hot, but drinkable immediately. I hate waiting too long for tea to cool, sometimes I am so thirsty, it burns my tongue.
The croissant was a bit hot though, and not fully properly cut into half. I had to touch the hot bread to tear it apart. But I am glad they actually cut it in half, so it's easier to hold and eat.
Set D --> 2 eggs, 1 croissant ham & cheese, 1 local drnk @ $4.20 = WU HUA =)))
it was filling surprisingly.
but the space outside was a bit packed, seats pretty close to each other, not much walking space.
so yup, 4.5 stars! Much better than yakun (long waiting time) and Ah Mei cafe, expensice.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Nice things again

Vidal Sasson Weighted Straight Shampoo and Conditioner Promo Pack $16.90

The after effect of this is really soft and smooth. But the shampoo itself is not as easy to spread as other brands. I have to press 2 times instead of 1 to fully soap my hair. Overall, I still prefer L'oreal Elseve's range of shampoos over VS.

I have just started on Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Slave (Free 30ml sample)
No good. Very oily immediately after use. I have it on now as I am typing this. Afraid to dirty my keyboard. Does not lasts at all.

Therefore, I went to buy the hand cream with the most hype in the forums:
Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy $24 after UOB discount for 3 tubes of 25ml
Wonderful as they say! Lasts very long. Very fragrant. No sticky or oily feeling after use. Spreads very well. Only need to squeeze out a bit.
I have checked out the price, and it seems quite affordable. The more volume you buy, the lower the price. 25ml, 100ml, 250ml. The 250ml one comes in a Aluminium can press bottle, like bath and shampoo kind. It's $65.

But I am not sure if hand creams are luxury or basic. I have a friend who's 1 year older than me, but has hands like 40++ Or maybe it's basic for people who stay in air-conditioned room for long periods of time. But for me, I think it's still a luxury. Because I seldom am in air-con room other than shopping malls. I guess it's not a must buy. You decide! =)

Reviews to look forward to:

Philips Satinelle Ice Premium epilator HP6503 $129 Courts discount
Yes, my love just got this for me yesterday. Thank you love. *muacks*

Garnier Bodylight Exfoliating Gel and Moisturizer Watsons Promo Pack $16.90.
Also a gift from my love.

haha, I realise one of our common topic is actually beauty. We always have healthy discussion over all things nice.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some more products!!!

I have been focusing more on my eye this past month.
I also tried BIO ESSENCE 24K BIO-GOLD Anti Dark Eye Circles Essence $43

It's okay. Seems to have results. But it's very toxic.
Some of it entered my eyes, and they sting even after I ran water over my eyes. Compared to the Khiel's one, it's not so smudgey and when it did enter my eyes, it did not sting.

It can be bought at leading stores like Watsons and Guardian.
Try to get it under promotion. I got mine as Buy-2-get-eye-mask free.
But I heard it's cheaper if you shop online at

I tried the Garnier eye roller tester $19.90
Not sure if there is results because I only tried it once at Watsons. But the feeling is great. The metal ball feels like ice roller when I am doing facial.
Garnier is actually pretty well-know among vainpots for their Sunscreen. I have not tried one myself. Because I have been using a Korean import (which I will share with you asap) for 2 years running.

Recently, I got the Garnier bodylight body scrub $16.90 from Watsons.
It came in a promo pack with the moisturizer. I haven't started on it. Only plan to use it when I get my epilator.

hmmm, what else do I have that's good?? I will update again.


So many updates!!! Dedicated to Khiel

Been trying out so many beauty products lately, and no time to blog about it.

Eye Cream
I am now using Khiel's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment $70

It's so good, my friends can see the instant results. yes, it's instant. I swear by this cream.

For wrinkles, I have also tried Khiel's

Abyssine Eye Cream + $50

it works. but my primary concern is to fight the dark circles first.

Other Recommendations that I heard is good:

Eye Alert $40

This I have not tried. But many reviews and forums say it's good. And it's the cheapest of the lot.

I am also using Khiel's Cleanser for sensitive skin $53
I can't find the image now... But it's transparent bottle and the contents are pure white. It feels oily on application. But is actually not. Spreads well with and without water. So far so good on my ultra hypersensitive skin. But I prefer Evarro Cleansing gel better. It's fragrant too. Khiel's is does not have any fragrance.

I also bought the Yerba Mate toner $53
So far so good. But can't be applied on eye area. which makes it a little troublesome. and it means I have to spend on eye cream too... (if I don't already use it)
I don't really like it though it suits my skin... I am still trying to find a suitable toner, as I think the Evarro one is okay only.

I go to the Tampines Mall branch. And the staff is really helpful in getting suitable range for your skin. Just have to voice out your problem. Don't be shy to ask for the price. The staff is not the stuck up kind. She even offered to give samples of those things that I said I think I need. And you can ask for any samples you are interested in. They are generous with that.

I got a free moisturizer and hand cream as part of the promotion to buy at least 2 items too.
the moisturizer is okay. i don't know if there's effect. I haven't tried the hand cream.

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