Wednesday, January 14, 2009


These few days, I have been quite excited over our mini eBay biz. Love got a free Brand New Deep Red Sony PSP Slim & Lite from his bank's lucky draw. And we decided to let it go online. So Love did the listing as I am clueless about how to use eBay. But subsequently, I am the one doing the monitoring, and the Q&A. I think I will be posting the item for Love too, as I more free time to schedule. I am quite proud of myself actually. From totally blur, don't even know how to buy items, now I can be admin for Love. Smart gal.

I think it's super fun to see the bidding "war" going on, and the price hike slowly, but surely. The thrill just totally hooks me. So current price for our 1st Couple Biz is $201 (shall not reveal who the bidder is). But many thanks! That shows my msn ad works.

Moral Of The Story: DO NOT ever ever throw your things. Put them eBay! 'Cos, there are ALL kinds of people out there, and you never know who might want what you think is useless. Don't judge because we are not fortune tellers.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

3rd day of school

Should I say time passes fast or time passes slowly? haha. I think this time it's not fast or slow... Just neutral. It's my 3rd day since school reopen on Jan 5, for my 2nd Sem of Year 3.

I just painted another nail colour yesterday. But it's still not fully dry yet. I am trying this new brand called Honey Sweet $3.90 from Venus.

[to upload photo]

I bought it because it comes in my SO's favourite colour - Baby Blue.
But I don't really like it. I have to paint it really thick, so that it covers my whole nails. And it's so hard to dry. Most importantly, it's not worth it because the resultant colour is not baby blue, as you see it in the bottle, but some light blue that reminds me of colour pencil. For those of you who remember, there is this double-sided colour pencil that you probably used before when you were young, and it's the blue that is coupled with the pastel pink. I should seriously go look for it and take a picture of my nails with it. Think it would match perfectly. hahaha.

So I guess I am still going for my SO's D&D afterall. At first, they wanted to charge non-staff $60. But the response was lukewarm, and to increase the number of attendees, they decided to lower it to $30.

Yup, so I am looking forward to painting my nails violet and putting the fake eyelashes I just bought, on that night. It would be my first time =))) *anticipation* Maybe I should video myself doing that, and time myself too. See how I fare against XX's BFF challengers. It would be fun.

Then I have my dental appointment the next day. Still thinking whether I should postpone it, so I can spend more time with him... sigh. my teeeetttthhhhh. Already tahan 2 months liao.

No updates from XX. A bit bored.


Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Day

We ordered delivery from Pizza Hut as both of us needed to rest after the long day out yesterday.

Also, Pizza Hut has something new called the Variety Meal Box $19.90.

Ta daa! See below.

Looks so yummy right. Looking at this picture, my mouth is watering again. But my love will never agree to having the same food twice in a row.

We had 2 curry chicken pan pizzas from the choice of pizza. We add on 2 curry chicken baked rice for dinner as well.

the pizza had a lot of onions, which I don't like. But basically, it's like normal eating at pizza hut. the chicken wings are yummy as usual. What surprised me was the hash brown. When i opened, the box, i was delighted, like a child, to see the star shape little things. Oh so cute!

And I love the fresh hand made tomato sauce served as well. I think it's for the Breadstix.

For the price, not bad. Considering, I totally love Western and pizzaz and pastas for a meal. hahaha. my love knows me so well. managed to get food that I like.

okay, I shall not rate this separately, just an overall rating - 4 stars. for the convenience and price, can try. =)

So that's my food for the day.

Now it's product time again!!!

*drumroll* excitedness.

Sephora Brand Mint Body Wash $12 or 150ml
Bought from Sephora, Takashimaya B1

The mint smell is strong and sweet while you are soaping.
The colour is exactly the same as the bottle.
So if you love pink, you can choose a shade of pink and apply it all over your body everyday! woohoo!

It's totally not soapy, but spreads very well - the mark of quality bath soap.
The coolness only kicks in after you have washed off, leaving your body cool and refreshing.
However, there doesn't seems to be much properties from the ingredients. Plus, there's lots of colouring as they have to make it the same colour as the packing.

Basically, unlike bodyshop products, that normally have some sort of treatment properties, this is more for the colour fun, brightening up your day, and basic cleansing and hygiene.

Use: 4.5 stars
Price: 3 stars (still affordable)

Overall I like it: 3.5 stars

Next: Bodyshop

White Musk® Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel

okay, very fragrant during soaping. Nice after shower feel. Totally transparent colour. Non-soapy and spreads very well.

I got my bottle free... so can't rate.

Overal feel: 3.9 stars.
this really makes me realise why people love body shop so much, and can become fans of it, having the whole bathroom crowded with body shop products. it's really good, but judging for average price of body shop products, I don't think this is for the ordinary people to use everyday. A slight luxury, just like Sephora. But still affordable if you really love it.

Last for the day:

Dove Hair Mask straight & silky.

Sticky, not easy to spread. Had to scoop a whole palmful to do up my hair, whereas, I use just a 5-finger pinch for my Mineral Mud Hair Mask. Only time it ever felt smooth was when I use water to start flushing it away. After thorough wash, I felt no difference at all. When my hair dried, it was still dry and frizzy, with no feel-able difference at all. I felt it was a total waste of $$. Don't buy if you don't want to regret.

Overall I like it: 0 stars.

okay, this is like my worst review for any product so far. I can't believe I can actually give 0 stars for something, because I am a very lenient, and very easily satisfied customer. Just give me something good, with quality that really does what you say on the packing, and I will rate well.

Oh well, nevermind. Now I just hope to use it up quickly, and use the container for stirring my powder self-prepared facial mask.

Going out for dinner. tata. =)

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My most memorable New Year 2009

I left the previous post saying I would go for bbq@chalet right? yup, I did.

But it turned out kind of bad, yet good. Why do I say so?

My love only worked half day on New Year's eve (NYE), so I went over to his house to wait for him after my previous entry. It was already quite late. So by the time we get to the chalet, it was already 10pm.

As you can guess, the food is out. Some things happened, and we got upset with each other.

But anyway, we went to find food. Because, differences aside, we both so god d@mn hungry. Imagine me having only eaten a packet of chicken rice at 10am, waiting 12 whole hungry hours for a nice meal. End up, no bbq food. **FYI, I love bbq chicken wings, hotdogs, and MaRsHmAlLoWs** How disappointed I was. Plus, I miss Xmas bbq too. So super duper looking forward to this one... But...

ok, nevermind. Because my love was kind enough to cool down quicker than me, and waited for my steam to blow off, I shall not rant so much.

So we walked, and we walked... there was a pond... there were many bicycles who do not give way to pedestrians (though I know it's their right of way on the bicycle path, but, we were only occupying the borders of the path...)... then... there was... LIGHT! Omg, lights. It was so dramatic. Like those story books and manga, where the protagonist saw light at the end of the tunnel. Okay, I know there's no tunnel. But it's the end!

Why? Because there was a long long stretch of seafood restaurants beckoning our oh-so-hungry tummies. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because I am allergic to seafood. So seafood = no food for me. But my love assured me that they sell other dishes. So we sat down at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. My love says it's very famous.

**pictures to be posted later.

We ordered Jin Mu Lu - a kind of fish (don't ask me what's the English name, I don't know), Lemon Chicken, Gong Bao deer meat (yes, there is deer meat in SG), Sambal KangKong, mango Pudding, Home-brewed Ice Lemon Tea and 2 bowls of plain rice. - Not sure of the price as my love paid for it.

It was sooooo nice. I can swear, I don't say it's nice because I was hungry. Hmmm, let me describe each dish separately.

I tried the deer meat first, because I have never eaten deer meat before. the dish looks okay, like normal gong bao chicken, with the dark sauce and a lot of cut chili and the cashew nuts on top. Looking for the meat was really like digging for treasure. Is that why it's called Gong Bao??? I don't know, but nevermind. YUMMY. The meat is so soft, defnitely better than chicken. The sauce is nice. Heavenly. 5 stars for this one.

Then my love cut the fish meat for me. WOW, so soft too. Cooked very well. Looks nice too, because is a whole fish caught live and cooked fresh. Enjoymentz right. =) 5 stars too.

Lemon chicken skin tasted slightly strange, like cardboard box... but the lemon sauce is simply fantastic. So thick, so much flavour, so generous. 4.8 stars.

then the home-brewed - very special. Nothing similar to what I have tasted in other restaurants. More to the sour side instead of the traditional sweeter lemon tea served elsewhere. But just nice **I am afraid of sourness, but the drink for nice to me**.

They even served free flow pot of chinese tea, that my love says it's ooloong tea. Really nice too. But it kind of got bitter towards the end, because we left the tea leaves too long in the pot.

then there was the lemon water for washing hands. It's been a decade since I've been to somewhere that serves water for washing hands...

next up, is our dessert. not the traditional kind that you can find in supermarkets. more milky. appearence is 5 stars **because we ordered it when we saw it being served to other customers, you know, the cliche "I'll have what he's having" scenario. This is not my favourite. 3 stars overall.

Service was not so good initially. But after they have taken your order and know of your existence, it's so much better. so 4 stars for service.
Btw, most of the waiters are from China I think. the female ones and older ones are Singaporean.
**nothing against them, just a comment as I have a bad habit of guessing which country the waiter is from. haha. I have met myanmar ones before. =)**

And the wonderful sea view with never-ending horizon is excellant. plus the coolness of the night and flair from ships at the point of 00:00:00 jan 1, 2009. Perfect. So romantic.

okay, now for the summary review:

Name: Long Beach Seafood Restaurant.
Service: 4 stars
Main course: 5 stars
Dessert: 3 stars
Utensils etc: 4 stars
Ambience: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

Overall, 4.16 stars for a total of 6 categories.
I really want to comment of this... the rating is a bit low because there was a food we ordered, that I didn't like. But my personal impression of Long Beach is really good, 4.8/5 stars, and a definite must go. At least once in your lifetime.

This is really the most unforgettable countdown I have in 21 years of life. We actually finished eating and paying the bill a few minutes before midnight. Then sat there to wait for countdown while enjoying the atmosphere. exactly the kind of feel i would like to have with my love. Love you.